Acansa To-Go Program

As part of our sustainable commitment, Styrofoam take-out is no longer available in the Acansa Dining Hall. You can follow the 4 simple steps below to participate in our reusable to-go box program! 

Step 1: Activate your account and receive your ReusePass QR

  • Follow this link OR you can visit the A-State App's Dining To-Go Program tab, the link in our Instagram bio to create yours now!

Step 2: Show your ReusePass QR code to the Acansa Cashier to checkout a container

  • Those who are on a 5-Day or 7-Day meal plan will receive a free to-go container. If you are not on a 5-Day o 7-Day meal plan, there is a one-time cost due at first container checkout.

Step 3: When you have finished your to-go meal, rinse your box and return it to the Acansa

  • Upon returning your box our Cashier will scan your QR box code as returned

Step 4: To checkout a container on your next visit, just ask the Cashier for a box & have you ReusePass QR ready to scan.


How To Use Your Container


Step 1: Fill your container then exit the Acansa Dining Hall
  • You CAN NOT fill your container & sit down to dine in the Acansa

Step 2: When you have finished your to-go meal, please rinse your container and return to the Acansa Dining Hall on your next visit
  • Upon returning your container our Cashier will scan your container QR code as returned

Step 3: You may pick up a new freshly cleaned container when you are ready to use it


Do I have to swap my container out?  Yes! If you wish to participate in our program you must swap your container out each time. We ensure all boxes are washed and sanitized properly. If you do not want to swap your container out, you will not be allowed to participate in the program.

If I purchased a box last year can I still use it?  Yes! Please continue to participate in the to-go program. We ask that you follow our new program and activate your account. You will also need to return your old container so we can clean it and ensure a QR code is on it.

What do I do if I lose my container?  Sorry, but you will have to purchase a new container no matter what plan you are on.

Can I have more than one container?  No. This program is designed for every individual to only have 1 container at a time. This allows us to ensure fewer containers are lost and more are returned.

Why don't I get a coin when I return my container?  There is no need for a coin anymore. Our ReusePass does it all! We can now track containers to each individual who checks one out and returns it.